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The Big Huntingdon Geek Out

7th August 2022 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
The Commemoration Hall
The High St
The Big Huntingdon Geek Out
Hello, I’m Andrew and I’m the secretary for The Big Huntingdon Geek Out, co-ordinating, and channelling ideas and activity.
We’ve been working on the Geek Out since September last year, and we think we have a solid plan in place to run a good day of events on the 7th of August. We chose the Commemoration Hall, Huntingdon as it has good transport links and great facilities, and Sunday as it’s free parking in the town.
So, my role now moves from making sure the Super Team (our pet name for the committee) knows what it’s doing onto making sure that everyone coming to the Geek Out has the information they need and a clear vision of what the day will involve. Between now and August we will be finalising the activities and getting them timetabled to make the most of the space with events for all ages.
Our main principle in planning the event has been that geeks don’t watch a film, they don’t read a book, they don’t follow a series, they don’t have a hobby: they consume them, they consider them, and they communicate about them. So, The BIG Huntingdon Geek Out is aimed at giving geeks like you a space to make your own and make everyone welcome into your geek world. And just by being there and engaging with what’s happening you’ll be adding to the experience for everyone.
The Day section will be a collection of talk, workshops, and panels covering as wide a range of geeky activities. We have 21 one-hour sessions to offer, so if you have something you want to give a talk about, a creative skill or craft you want to introduce to others, or other amazing and geeky ideas then please get in touch at bighuntingdongeekout@gmail.com or any of our social media sites.
The geek activities will require a ticket, which are available now at http://eventbrite.co.uk/…/big-huntingdon-geek-out…. On top of that, the Geek Galleria, our boutique trading area, The Arts Cafe and the Reading Room area will all be open, at no cost, until 5pm to anyone who wants to come along. Please feel free to use this great space for Cosplay, gaming, and random acts of geekery.
The Evening starts at 6pm and access to the venue will be for ticket holders only. We will be using the main hall to put on a very geeky show. There will be the Three Minutes Presentation Challenge, where people share their passions against the clock, and the Draw-A-Thon, where artists go head-to-head drawing the audience’s suggestions under amusingly pressured circumstance. We’re going to need contestants for both of those, so please get in touch with me if you’re interested. In between that, we hope to have a Cosplay Masquerade, so if you want to show off your geeky finest then keep your eyes peeled for that. There will also be a dedicated gaming area and some talks on more mature topics available.
And that’s the plan – a morning of geeky activities and an evening of geeky celebrations.
So, if you are enthused, excited, and filled with geeky joy at what we’ve trying to accomplish then please contact us at bighuntingdongeekout@gmail.com, facebook.com/HuntingdonGeekOut, twitter.com/biggeekout, or instagram.com/bighuntingdongeekout. Everyone involved in running this event is doing it on a strictly voluntary basis and sharing their knowledge and skills from running similar events so get in touch with offers to get involved and please share the buy tickets link (http://eventbrite.co.uk/…/big-huntingdon-geek-out…). The only people benefiting from this working is everyone who comes along and has an amazing time.
We look forward to seeing you Geek Out on Sunday the 7th August 2022