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Spotlight Awards

21st September was the big reveal of the winners of Spotlight Song of the Year 2018. The results:

  • ·      Joshua Francis came in first with Greyhound
  • ·      Tantris came in second with Alcoholic
  • ·      R.J. Archer came in third with Barbara

The places were awarded by unique votes completely through the voting on the website. Well done to our winners who have all won recording time at Perry Road Studios.

Local music continues to thrive in the area and we are sure it will continue throughout the next year.

If you have any comments about this year’s awards or suggestions for next year’s awards, please drop Spotlight an email ( We would love feedback from those involved to improve for next year.

In the meantime, you can still listen to the shortlisted and winning tracks:

The shortlist:

Greyhound by Joshua Francis (Winning Gold)

Wayfaring Stranger by Daniel Nestlerode

Answers by Romy Gensale

Long Way From Home by Tom Leader

Common Love by NUMB

Your Side by Anthony Rubery

Otherwordly by Jo Ash

Barbara by Richard J Archer (Bronze)

Headless by GOLDBLUME

Alcoholic by Tantris (Silver)

Hypnotic by Manic Mannequin

Alcohol & Arguments by Shyer

I’ve Too Much Time by LUXURY

Mess In The Head by Among the Citizens

Skylines by Matt Hammond

To The Wind by Between The Lines

Better By The Glass (live) by Graham Buxton