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21st Century Women goes wider

There have been moves afoot since our own monthly 21st Century Women programme won its Silver Award in the National Community Radio Awards for Best Community Show of the Year to give it wider air time. So on Saturday 22nd October the show was broadcast again on our “sister” community radio station Cambridge 105. The plan is that the programme will be aired again each month on the Saturday following the Wednesday which listeners of 104 hear the original show. There have to be some slight adjustments made and a small amount of extra material added in for the 105 programme as they have just a few more minutes to fill on their station than we need on 104’s “Over to You” spot at 7pm.

The October programme, being the closest 21st Century Women programme to Halloween, featured some spooky tales from Liz Davis, the curator of St Neots Museum about creepy happenings in St Neots.   The show also featured an interview with Trupti Kulkarny who was a “games maker” in the London Olympics and also flew out to Rio to do the same out there and another feature spoke with Susan Lucas, an author from Hartford, who has devised a great illustrated children’s book to help youngsters remember their times tables.

If you have never listened to 21st Century Women – then why not tune in next month on Wednesday 16th November (always the 3rd Weds of the month) at 7pm have a listen?

A programme by women, for women…… but you never know, men might like it too!

3 12-04-2014