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A Christmas Message from the Mayor of Huntingdon

A Christmas message from the Mayor of Huntingdon, Cllr Karl Webb

Hello Everyone,

After such a devastating year, I wanted to send you all a message of
thanks for your compassion and support of others during these difficult

I am proud of the way our community has pulled together over
the last nine months. From the amazing work of our NHS and care
home staff, key workers and community support groups and responders,
our posties, bin collectors and cleaners to name a few, and of course all
those who stayed at home to keep the infection rates down we have all
played a part to keep us as safe as possible, and I thank you for that.
Christmas is going to be difficult this year, some of us have lost family
and friends and some have lost their jobs or are under threat of losing
their jobs; this isn’t all down to the pandemic of course, but we must
continue to support each other as we move into the New Year. I would
like to pass on my sincerely condolences to those who have lost loved
ones, I know many plans are being made for a time when we can
celebrate their lives, and say our goodbyes in a manner that they

I would also like to ask that we think of those that are on their own this
year, especially those who have no family or friends nearby, we will be
restricted on who can visit, but a phone call or a wave can make all the
difference. If you are on your own, please remember that there are local
support groups in the Huntingdon area; and nationally, the NHS
responders are able to support in many ways and that includes giving
you a ring just to chat or to check you are ok, there are thousands of
volunteers sitting at the end of a phone waiting to give you a call.

We do have good news on the horizon, the vaccination programme will
start with protecting those living and working in care homes, the
vulnerable and the elderly will be among the first to be protected. It
won’t be a quick process but at least the end is in sight.

So whilst we are on a positive note, I am going to finish here by wishing
you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I hope that over
the next few months of my time as Mayor, I am going to be able to get
out and meet as many as I can, in the meantime, stay safe and look out
for each other. Thank you.

Karl Webb, Mayor of Huntingdon