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Black Lives Matter – Open Letter – 10th June 2020

Huntingdon Community Radio (HCR104fm) Black Lives Matter – Open Letter

10th June 2020

Due to recent developments at Huntingdon Community Radio (Media) Ltd (HCR104fm), the Senior Management Team (SMT) have met frequently to discuss our strategy for the future.

We would like the opportunity to welcome back the volunteers who have left the station.

We have also decided that, as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) is becoming a frequent discussion point on Media platforms, that we will form a BAME committee and invite the Chairman of that committee to become an active member of the SMT. It will be the committee’s purpose to identify and recommend tangible actions that HCR104fm could take in the future. Not just about learning, but also about inclusivity and how we, as a community platform allow the BAME voice to be heard, with balanced views and within Ofcom guidelines.

We will set aside airtime on County Matters for a representative of the BAME committee to air their views on a Sunday morning and will give airtime on our Over To You slot on weekday evenings for BAME issues. OTY is our flagship Community Programme.

The HCR104fm SMT hope this is an acceptable positive way forward for all, and will post this on the front page of our website and email all our current volunteers and to those who have left.

HCR104fm Senior Management Team.