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Bridge Arts Festival are planning ahead

The Huntingdon and Godmanchester Twinning Association are planning an ambitious project for April 2019 and they are looking for people to help. The Bridge Arts Festival will be presenting many art performances or exhibitions. The group has come up with a very imaginative idea to advertise this special event which will take place in venues in both Godmanchester and Huntingdon. The host towns will have unique displays or performances of drama, dance and music in large halls and spaces and intend to use ‘Yarnbombing’ to make colourful contributions to the town and usher  visitors in to the venue to enjoy what is being displayed in each place.

What’s Yarnbombing?  I hear you say. David Brown and Liz Perrett from the HGTA where recently on an “Over to You” programme talking to Bobby Jones about this and their plans for the Festival.

Take a few moments to listen to this podcast –


If you would like to join in please contact them via their website:     www.hgta.eu/thebridge.html