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Ever thought of changing your career mid-stream?

That’s a scary thought but one of our guests on 21st Century Women this month did and not just once either!

There’s a brave woman.

Yes, after leaving University, the young Frances Reid, immediately started what she says was “her dream job” working as a radio sound engineer for the BBC. She progressed fast into production and moved across to local radio. She thought that it would be a good idea to broaden her skills base and so then did a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) which she coupled with her passion for charity work. She joined a family run charity which needed to become bigger as they found that many people were interested in the type of cancer research which they were doing. After a while Frances split off from this and with a colleague started a specialist charity “Target Ovarian Cancer” which also grew and grew.

Then at the top of her career with stressful health problems which made her think again about living in the fast lane, she threw herself into a new career –that of baking. So after going on a few courses, she set up her own bakery in her own home!   As you do! To find out more about this most enterprising of women – listen to our 21st Century Women podcast here