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Flower Festival – best ever!

Peter Rogers’ Brunch til Lunch programme welcomed Beverley Tack from the Hilton Flower Club this week where she spoke of the Flower Festival which the club had organised for the August bank weekend in St Mary’s church, Hilton.

The flower club took their inspiration for the festival from a theme of “Imagination in Colour”.  The beautiful setting of the 13th Century church was full of the aroma of flowers and the vibrant colours of the blooms. There were 10 displays, some large and some small but all worth seeing.

There was plenty of imagination in all of the exhibits especially those placed in the chancel area depicting Bonfire Night. These had been cleverly enhanced with tiny fairly lights which brought the displays to life and enriched the artistry of the arrangements which gave authenticity and sparkle to their subject matter.

Two arrangements in particular were exceptional in their imagery. ‘The Rainbow’ was exceptional in its ingenuity using an alcove to show rain with fairy lights and an opaque umbrella. The rainbow frame which was covered by flowers in all the 7 colours ended in a “crock of gold” at the base. The other extremely resourceful display was that of “Music” depicted in the rich reds of roses, bright yellow gerberas and warm russet freesias.  A delicate music stave connected the main pillar arrangement with the smaller ground level ones. A copper coloured post horn, violin and music stand drew the whole collection together.

The wonderful Flower Festival was all the more amazing to found in a tiny church hidden in the heart of the Huntingdonshire countryside.

Well done Hilton Flower Club!

pictures can be seen at https://www.hcrfm.co.uk/photos/