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HCR104fm a glitttering success

Well done to HCR104fm’s Saturday Sports team and 21st Century Women’s team which both won awards in the prestigious ceremony.  The Saturday Sports team broadcasts every Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 6pm and to our 21st Century Women’s magazine programme which is on air once per month on a Wednesday night as part of our ‘Over to You’ series.

Both teams were finalists in the first National Community Radio Awards which was held in Birmingham City’s University auditorium on Saturday 10th September. The Community Radio Awards were setup to celebrate community radio and all the hard work and time that the volunteers involved in community radio put into their stations, shows and communities. The awards were open to those involved with any Ofcom licensed Community Radio station and work with those involved to raise awareness with industry, local and national press for their fantastic contribution to Community Radio and the Communities they serve. These were national awards and stations were presented with trophies to those who won Gold and Certificates for Silver and Bronze positions.

Our Saturday Sports team led by Isaac Brindley won a Bronze award in the ‘Sports Show of the Year’ category. The award sought to showcase those shows that take pride in community sport, from live coverage from sporting matches or events, to coverage of sports that are under -represented in the mainstream media and niche sports.

Whereas, our 21st Century Women team of Linda Ness, Liz Kelly and Bobby Jones, won the Silver award in the ‘Community Show of the Year’ category. This award was designed to showcase those shows on air which promote community organisations, events and activities, from one off shows to regular features.

Listen to each programme entry for the award by going to our podcast page where you will find what the judges were working from.  Each entry was accompanied by around 600 words describing what the programme is trying to achieve.