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Health Kick May on Student Zone


Throughout the duration of May the Student Zone embarked on their newest venture. Each Sunday night between five and seven a focus was placed on Health and Wellbeing. The first show, based on motivation, involved each student setting themselves a challenge… most were completed! The show also included a call-in from a listener (big thanks to John from Cardiff) with a piece of advice they wish their younger self had known, “Don’t let the tide move your boat into shore, row out to meet it”. Accompanied by feel good, upbeat songs, the show set our listeners up for a demanding exam-filled month.


The following Sunday, BRJ running club came into the Student Zone to discuss the benefits of running and explained park run. Amie interviewed Carl, a runner from the club, and provided our listeners with lots of details on how to start running.

Moving onto looking at mental health, the youth engagement worker for Healthwatch Cambridge and Peterborough, Ana Rita-Nunes, talked us through their findings of their recent project ‘Being happy, Being me’. This also signposted our listeners where their say on mental health services can be heard.

Finally, we rounded the month off with a look back at May and a final good luck from the Student Zone team! We hope all of your exams went well, and remember to tune in on Sunday evenings between 5 and 7.

To hear both interviews listen to our podcast: https://www.hcrfm.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/HEALTHKICK-MAY-1.mp3

For more information regarding BRJ Running Club visit: http://www.brjrunandtri.org/

For more information regarding Healthwatch go to: http://www.healthwatchcambridgeshire.co.uk/