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How does your garden grow?

Credit: photo by Kate Yerbury

In these times of lockdown, when our exercise periods were strictly governed, many people’s thoughts turned to sprucing up their gardens and perhaps taking on a local allotment.

Kate Yerbury, the Huntingdon Town council officer in charge of overseeing the allotments has seen a staggering number of enquiries about allotment holdings since the beginning of lockdown. She has had around 62 people expressing an interest in renting a plot for cultivation. There are 4 allotments run by the council in Huntingdon: Primrose Lane, Hartford Rd, Sallowbush Rd and North Street most of which already had a waiting list before lockdown.

Mark Brickell, a representative for the Primrose Lane allotments, told HCR104fm that there are advantages to having allotments and of course, there’s no compulsion to grow vegetables, although most plots do have them. Some growers cultivate flowers and some plots also have chickens, so it can be a very varied experience.  Mr. Brickell said, “it’s great for getting out into the fresh air, and provides exercise which can be gained at your own pace.

“This is a hobby for anyone, at any age and with any ability.  We have people in their 20’s right through to those in their 80’s, and means that we have ‘tortoise and hare’ scenarios and there’s always good advice on hand if needed.  If someone needs a hand with moving paving slabs for instance, there’s usually someone around who is willing to lend a hand.”

Social distancing rules are observed without any problems.  If you are intereste in having an allotment complete the enquiry form on line at the Town Council’s website,   (www.huntingdontown.gov.uk), but due to the high number of applicants at this time it is unlikely that there will be any availability for a plot within the next year.