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It’s never too late to excel!

Credit: Photo with kind permission of Field Lodge Residential home

Hinchingbrooke Park recently ran a painting competition which everyone, whatever their age, was invited to enter. The theme was Hinchingbrooke Park, which celebrated 20 years since they opened their visitors centre.  The prize was a hamper full of goodies.

The Hinchingbrooke users were invited to cast their votes for the picture they thought was the best.  The winner with 211 votes was Ann from Field Lodge Care Home in St Ives for her painting of a robin.  The care home’s activity sessions on a Wednesday encourages the talents of the residents in taking up water colour painting.   Ann wasn’t the only resident to enter the competition and the standard from other entries was equally as high.

Ann shared her hamper prize with all the residents.  Well done Ann.


Source: Hinchingbrooke Park and Field Lodge’s facebook pages.