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Its Snowing Snowmen In St Ives

What fun the children of St Ives are having this Christmas time. The Old Riverport Retail group together with the Town Team of St Ives has organised the recent tradition in St Ives where Snowmen can be found on pavements outside shops, in shop windows, on lamp post and one is even in a basket on the front of a bicycle. There’s even one standing on his head! Keep your eyes open to see the five metre tall Giant Snowman as he waves to river passers-by from the Holt Island Nature Reserve. What a great and creative way to keep the town vibrant and alive. The shops have reported large numbers of children collecting the Snowmen stickers they need to get the opportunity to win one of the prizes in the trail draw. It’s great fun for the children and encourages more people into the town to take part during the important festive season.

The month long Snowman Festival is due to end on Friday 22nd December when the winners of the Trail will be drawn at midday in the Corn Exchange