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Jailbreak Escape Room

One of the regular contributors on HCR104fm is St Neots Museum curator, Liz Davis.  Liz was recently on our Over to You programme with presenter Alex Parnell chatting about the museum’s latest great idea.

This Spring St Neots Museum in partnership with Mystery in History will be hosting a unique escape room interactive experience where participants have 60 minutes to solve challenging puzzles so they can jailbreak.

Our escape room is being staged in the historic former police station in St Neots, where the current museum is based. Over a number of dates teams have the opportunity of being locked in the cell and given 60 minutes to escape. The cost will be £70 per team for any team size up to 8 people, which means that you can try the most original escape room in Cambridgeshire for less than £10 per person.

The scenario:

It is the 2 July 1898. Earlier today, St Neots was stunned by the public hanging of Mr Walter Horsfold, who was recently found guilty of the murder of his cousin, Annie Holmes. You, his friends, were angry at what you felt to be an unfair verdict and went out to console yourselves after witnessing the dramatic hanging in Cambridge. Unfortunately, you got into a brawl at the Falcon public house, and following complaints from local residents, have been arrested and brought to St Neots Police Station cells. You now stand accused of being drunk and disorderly and creating a public disturbance.

You will be transferred to Huntingdon Assizes in the morning to face formal charges, and your prospects for the coming hours are a night in a cold and cramped cell. Therefore you are determined to try and escape! There are some people locally who are sympathetic to your cause and may have left information, clues and items at the Police Station that will help you to escape, but do you have the skills to effect a Jail Break?

The challenge:

After being locked in the cell, you and your colleagues will have 60 minutes to break out. You will have to pass through three stages: breaking out of the cell; breaking out of the cell corridor; and – finally – escaping through the main gate. These stages get progressively harder and more complex so you will need to work together, promptly, from the very moment the game starts.

This game does not require any strength or physical force. All the information you need to escape is already provided, as long as you use your eyes, ears and your brain and are able to work together as a team.

Does this sound like a challenge which you would like to attempt then go to www.eventbrite.co.uk and book in.