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James Nicol’s books to become a TV drama

It was announced this week that Lime Pictures, the TV production company behind Hollyoaks and the Netflix children’s hit Free Rein, is to adapt James Nicol’s ‘The Apprentice Witch’ trilogy.

James Nicol is well known to HCR104fm listeners as he was a regular contributor each month to our ‘Over to You’  programme aired on a Monday night with presenter, Scott Pheby, for 6 years.  James, a local resident, began his writing career during the time he spent on our airwaves.  His first book, “The Apprentice Witch”, was quickly followed by the sequel “Witch Alone” and now his latest production “Witch Come True” forms the triolgy which caught the eye of the prestigious Lime Pictures company.

Angelo Abela and Tim Compton, joint head of kids at Lime, and Barry Cunningham, Managing Director of Chicken House, announced the deal, which will see Lime adapt the three books into a live action drama for children aged 8-12.

The trilogy is about Arianwyn, who has spent her young life preparing for her witch’s evaluation, only to fail it in a very public way. As the artillery of war rumbles in the distance, Arianwyn is billeted to the remote village of Lull, to serve and protect the villagers as their district witch.

Abela and Compton said in a statement to literary publication ‘The Bookseller’: “The Apprentice Witch has warmth and style in abundance, from its immediately lovable characters to its nostalgic setting. And Arianwyn is the perfect role model for anyone fighting to express their true gifts. She doesn’t fit the mould, so she’s going to have to break it – in a journey of self-discovery that’s perfect for a family audience.”

Well done James, and we look forward to the TV drama production later this year or next.