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Joe Matthews talks about his role with Everyone Health

Peter Rogers has invited the experts from Everyone Health to come along to the studio to talk to him, in his 10 minute community slot, about their roles in this interesting initiative commissioned by   Cambridge Country Council. This is a seven week series on a Thursday morning.

This week his guest was Joseph Matthews, who is a falls prevention health coach with Everyone Health. He told Peter that falling is common; but particularly so amongst the elderly (that is the over 65’s), that one in three elders over 65 have falls and two 80+ yrs olds experience falls for apparent reason. Falling is accepted as something which sometimes happens especially as you get older but should this be the case? Joe said that every minute, 6 people over 65 suffer a fall, so is falling a normal part of ageing?

Well, no, why should it be? There are things which can be put in place to minimise the risk of a fall. The advice from the experts is to keep active and remove hazards which might cause a fall at home. Common causes of falling in this older age group might be medical conditions like neurological, cardiac or other disabling ailments or failing eyesight, poor mobility and loss of muscle strength and balance. In the home the common causes of falling are objects left in unfamiliar places, ill-fitting shoes, slippery surfaces or poor lighting, all of which can be easily remedied with a little thought.

If falling “for no real reason” is something that you have experienced on more than one occasion, then ‘Everyone Health’ may be able to assist you by offering an assessment appointment to investigate why this may have happened. As one ages, one of the top reasons for falling, is a loss of balance and Everyone Health will help you to understand what’s happening. If you are experiencing any of these “symptoms” then give them a ring on 03330 050 093 and find out about this free service which Joe and his colleagues are offering or search on line for www.everyonehealth.co.uk .