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Mwahahaha the monster mash!

On a spooky Sunday night in the HCR104fm Studio, StudentZone and Cool Classics collided. On the 30th of October, in light of Halloween, Jon Aveling took over StudentZone From 18:00-19:00 playing all of his favourite hits from his childhood. In the following hour, the student group presented their favourite classical music… much to Jon’s horror there were a few mispronunciations of composers and piece titles!

 The brainchild of this idea came from the Sunday night family. Working closely together StudentZone and ‘Uncle” Jon wanted to broadcast a special show fitting in nicely with a ‘monster mash’ Halloween theme. With the whole team dressing up to set the mood, a great show and lots of laughs were achieved.

 Highlights from the team:

Taking part in the mash up show was amazing from start to finish, with everyone being so enthusiastic about the show, the atmosphere was great. I definitely have lots of appreciation for Jon pronouncing all of the composers names every week!

-Shannon Roubinas, StudentZone, Sunday nights 17:00-19:00

 What a show! Listening to Shannon trying to get her tongue around some of the composer names was a hoot! Lovely to work with such an enthusiastic bunch! Sunday nights on the station must be right up there!

– Jon Aveling, Cool Classics, Sunday nights 19:00-21:00

 The mash-up show was a lot of fun from start to finish and was great to hear a huge mix of different genres of music. There was something for everyone, whether you enjoy up to date chart hits, timeless classical music or the best tracks from the 70s & 80s. The highlight for me was the slang quiz, which proved that I’m not as out of touch with modern lingo as I thought I would be! The atmosphere in the studio was really fun with lots of the team wearing Halloween fancy dress, which added to the party vibe.

-Matt Shaw, Smooth Jazz, Sunday nights 21:00-23:00