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New Mayor speaks on HCR104fm

The new Mayor of Huntingdon, Councillor Jay Dyne’s first official engagement was to speak on HCR104fm’s “Over to You” show on Friday 12th May only one day after being elected Mayor by the Town Council.

Councillor Dyne accompanied by his wife Mayoress Councillor Sonia Dyne spoke to station manager, Bill Hensley about his hopes and aspirations for the coming year.   Cllr Dyne has already spent a year as Deputy Mayor filling in where last year’s Mayor, Cllr Daryl Brown, was unable to attend events, so he is no stranger to the work of the mayor.   He spoke of what motivated him to put himself forward for election to the Town Council in the first place and of how he wanted to help and serve those in town who felt that they needed assistance.  He foresaw several challenges in the year ahead and when asked if there were something which he would change if he could; he responded by saying that he would like to abolish car parking charges.

The Mayor spoke of the 5 local charities which he wished to support through his fund raising efforts this year and said that he was aiming at trying to raise £5,000 or more if possible, in order that each charity could be given £1,000.   Although in today’s world £1,000 is not a lot of money, to a small local charity it is a great deal and can go a long way to support their work.   Another of his ambitions for this year would be to try to install children’s adapted disability swings in parks, whereby a mum with a child in a wheelchair would be able to clamp the chair safely and securely into a swing and push her youngster just as other mothers of non-disabled children were able to do.

We wish you well for your coming year, Mr Mayor and many congratulations!