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New Orleans Big Brass meets Cambridge

From Jamie Stocker – Soul and Motown Show

In the middle of their UK Tour the Hot 8 Brass Band made their return to the city last night playing to a packed crowd at The Junction.

For anyone not familiar with the act they hail from New Orleans and bring the vibrance, funk and style with them in their heavy brass covers and original songs. Formed from two former brass groups over 20 years ago and through several tragedies with the passing of some of the members of the band they have rebuilt and focused their energies on the positivity of performing and carrying the true New Orleans vibe with them.

Opening up the show with “What’s My Name” and getting the crowd straight away hooked in and singing along with the band and then closely followed by their takes on classics such as Joy Division’s “Love will tear us apart” and Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” you will get a good jist of what this group is all about before without giving too much away getting you to join in with some of the bands fun.

The show lived up to what I expected from the group hearing feedback from their past Junction shows as well as their Folk Festival appearance. My only criticism of the show to which I think is the venue’s fault is that due to the closeness of the gig and the volume and nature of the music, it does become too overpowering and distorted with the crowd and perhaps thought can be in the future to move them to a larger venue or tweak the system sounds as the brass itself does not need the amplification it was given.

However do make the effort to see them live if you can before they head back to New Orleans for the remainder of the year and if you haven’t heard them, go and check them out, the likes of Craig Charles and others are massive fans, signed to Tru Thoughts Records  (who are actually a UK based record label and Hot 8 marked their first US signing) and have built up quite a following here in the UK.