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Over To You meets Huntsford

All new Huntsford is back!

“Over to You” HCR104fm’s flagship community access programme heard all about our own new, and different, Huntsford soap opera, this week.  The revival of Huntsford, which will take to the air on 23rd April this year, is all set to start recording the episodes very soon.

Sue Rodwell-Smith, the director, is very excited about the project and insists that it will be hard work but fun too. Last September, after an advertisement in the Hunts Post and a meeting with potential cast and production members, the new team was born.  Sue is still looking for more script writers to add to the teams already busily beavering away.  The team have a producer and sound engineers who will be putting together the technical side of project.

The two main characters, Fiona played by Jackie Powell and Raymond played by Ben West introduced the new soap which, like the previous incarnation of the soap, is based around a hairdressing salon called “Wavelengths” where they are engaged in refurbishing the shop.

Once edited and produced, the new Huntsford will be broadcast 3 times a week for just 5 minutes during the day time with an omnibus edition on Saturday afternoon.

If you missed this edition of Over to You and want to know more, then use our listen again facility.