• Spotlight
    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  Need This by Hollow Star

Ramsey 1940’s Weekend

Each year the Ramsey 1940’s Weekend takes place at the Camp off Wood Lane, this year was no exception.

Our own Studio Manager, Bill Hensley went along and met many of the people and attractions which make up the nostalgic atmosphere.

Bill spoke to Stella from March who is the proud owner of a restored 1955 Morris Minor Traveller which was on display and 3 ladies, Dixie, Selina and Scarlet all dressed in identical 1940’s costumes of the day who made up the Polka Dot Girls, a three part harmony group who were singing in the big top later in the day.

Bill also spoke to Thomas who is the owner of a very realistic reconstructed German Panzer Mk III tank which he had built using a caravan chassis with plywood and bits and pieces. The weekend specialises in all things 1940’s and especially music from the era with a very special 1940’s style Saturday Night Dance to finish the day in a festive manner.

Listen below for an audio report