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Student Zone Reunion Show

On Sunday 25th March, the Student Zone welcomed back it’s former students for a Reunion show. I joined back in September 2015, and am coming up to three years at the station.

Former students include Onjali, who is going to University this year to study Events Management. Shannon who is currently studying Media Production at De Montfort University and loving it. The former chairmen, Annie, who is off to University in September to study Music and Sound recording. Recently graduated  Josh, who completed his degree at Birmingham City University last year and now in a part of the Saturday Sport show!

Connor was in the presenter’s chair leading the reunion, with our favourite segments such as Room 104, and a good catch up with everybody.

Current students include, Izy and Scott who are currently studying for their GCSE exams this May. Media student Aicha is who at Cambridge Regional College. Our producer Matthew is in his last year of A-Levels like myself. Connor is at college studying Criminology and Media, and Amie is in her first year of A Levels. We are all at different levels of education during different things but all learning about Media firsthand as a part of the Student Zone.

The Reunion show was a huge success and it was great to see everyone and their successes following the Student Zone. The Student Zone is a great learning opportunity and gives young people a voice on Radio.

The Student Zone airs every Sunday 5-7pm.