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TAG Bicycles stole the day

Peter Rogers’ “Brunch ‘til Lunch” show has a 10 minute feature most days where he invites a guest into the studio to chat to him about what they are involved in within our community. Peter invited the TAG bicycle team in to talk about the project of which they are part. The TAG bicycle project is situated at the Huntingdon Community Centre on Ambury Rd in Huntingdon and  provides work for adults with learning difficulties and is a terrific place to buy a reconditioned second hand bike for a great price!



 TAG bikes is a brilliant cycling project.  Instructor, Rob Bierton of Cambridgeshire County Council  teaches the  team members how to repair and recondition unwanted cycles and puts the bikes back into the local community at low cost. The team were incredibly enthusiastic about being on HCR104fm and speaking about the job they do and how they have acquired great work skills and knowledge of bikes. The project also provides its members with a chance to interact with the community around them.   The project has a shop in the community centre and welcomes “browsers”.

To contact the project and find out more ring them on 01480 377697 or visit their facebook page TAG bicycles Huntingdon community centre or contact Rob by email on robert.bierton@cambridgeshire.gov.uk