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The Student Zone Reunion Show by Bex Brighty

I joined The Student Zone back in January 2013, and continued with the group in till September 2014. The show has always had a special place in my heart, and I love coming back to visit the team when I can.

This summer, I thought it would be great to not only get myself back for a visit, but to get others involved too, so the Reunion show was born. With the help of current Chairman, Annie Smith, we produced a show and contacted old and present students about the idea.

The show took place on Sunday 21st August and we had loads of fun! Past students included myself, Sam Burke, Josh Donlon, Calum Wotherspoon & Joanne Ellis. Present students included Annie Smith, Onjali Woolf, Beth Green & Connor Sewell.

At a glance, Josh Donlon and I are helping out with various shows at HCR104fm and we are heading into our third and final year of university studying radio related things.

Sam Burke has just finished his university degree in Drama and he is now presenting Over To You, every Tuesday, which is certainly a show that is far from The Student Zone and is very grown up. As Sam has finished his university career, Calum Wotherspoon is stating his, with achieving the A-Level results he needs to study Commercial Music in Bath. And of course not forgetting Joanne Ellis, who is continuing her studies in Performing Arts in Cambridge and is loving it.

There were a few mistakes in the final output, but, in all honestly, it wouldn’t be a student zone show without a technical tumble or to.

The Student Zone is all about learning, and it’s always nice to come back to the show, and the station, and continue to learn and to see the progression past and present students are making, not only within the media, but also personally. I’m very proud to call them my friends and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

If you would like to listen to the best bits of the show, the podcast is on the website – https://www.hcrfm.co.uk/on-air/podcasts