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Together we are Huntingdon Community Radio

While we have all been under the lockdown restrictions, your community radio has been busy working away in the background.

You may be surprised to know that we have an army of volunteers, over 95 strong, involved in keeping the station on air 24/7. All local people who reflect the community of Huntingdonshire.

While we’ve all been confined to our homes, our volunteers, supported by our technical guys have moved into working from home. Changing times, demand a change of emphasis but in our case, the current situation has made us more acutely aware than ever that we are at the centre of our community in Huntingdonshire.

We do our best to keep the local residents up to date with how the national crisis is affecting the life of our rural community. We are currently broadcasting daily local news bulletins, making listeners aware of the changes which the council and businesses are making “in the new normal” and enabling the most vulnerable people to be able to find help if they need it.

At the same time, we have been able to keep our normal regular timetable of programmes and have even expanded our operations to include a full night time schedule. We now have a “voice” on air every moment of the day and night!

With the exception of having to postpone our “Over to You” programme until restrictions are lifted and the Saturday Sport programme which is back after a break of 6 weeks, we have continued to provide quality broadcasting. Our ‘Thought for the Day’ item, in the Breakfast Show, each week day at 8.30pm has become more popular than ever, and we have introduced a radio recipe, three times a week and a bedtime story for our younger listeners, and even using a 5 year old book reader!

You can find us on 104fm in Huntingdon and on DAB in Cambridge. You can ask your smart speaker to play “Huntingdon Community Radio” and listen on line using our website via Radioplayer or on your mobile device via TuneIn.

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