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Youlgrave is well and truly on the Bake-well map

One of our 21st Century Women, Liz Kelly was duly impressed when she caught the item about the village on the news with pictures capturing the incredible detail of the reconstruction in rich fruit cake and icing. As the team were discussing last minute details for their December (and hence Christmassy feel) programme, it seemed like an iced story to follow up. Trouble was, we needed a currant contact. With the help of Facebook and a friendly enquiry, we soon got a phone number to call. So it was that Liz called up Lynn Nolan, retired florist and sugar craft baker of that parish. Do tune in to see what Lynn had to say about the whole plan to recreate their quaint village, virtually cobblestone by cobblestone and church clockface by pub sign. Wonder at the detail in the greengrocer’s shop, the three pubs and the picturesque church, all beautifully decorated for Christmas. Operation Youlgrave (Liz didn’t think to ask what they called it) started back in May where ideas were mulled over, supplies were commandeered (well, donated), cake recipes shared and cakes baked to rise to the occasion, steeped in suitable preservative beverages and cut to size. Gravel, pebblestones, building stones, roof tiles and bricks were assembled. Icing of all colours was shaped and moulded by Lynn into anything from a cabbage to a cash till, a window pane to a pub meal.

cake and toyshop

All sorts of people became involved in this project – from those who donated ingredients to an electrician who wired up the ‘buildings’ to twinkle with lights. It was all in aid of fixing the church roof – that’s the actual church roof. Liz did ask whether the cake church had a roof in danger of collapse to reflect the purpose of the whole build but the question was slightly misheard, resulting in a lovely conversation which was a little at cross purposes where it’s not entirely clear whether they’re talking about the real village or the cake version! Wouldn’t you want to lose yourself in a little steeped cake at Christmas?

The entire village is being auctioned off to raise money for the roof. The icing on the cake is that they’ve already received a lot of exceedingly nice donations. They’ve also seen visitors flock from far and wide to the church where the village is on display. Has the village Peaked or can they go further in their Bake-well story? Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating they say.

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