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NFL planning to play out full 2020 season

The NFL are still set on playing out the 2020 season in full, despite admitting that they are unsure what the schedule will look like.

Sports across the world have been thrown into chaos due to the Coronavirus pandemic, with major sporting leagues such as the Premier League, NBA and MLB all cancelled until further notice with no return date in place as of yet.

The NFL regular season usually takes place from September to December every year, leaving the league with just four months to decide how the schedule is going to look heading into that section of the season. The Playoffs then occur throughout January, culminating with the Super Bowl in February.

League Executive Troy Vincent spoke about the potential changes to the schedule on Thursday, stating that the look of the NFL season will depend on the progress of the fight against Covid-19.

“The schedule will come out as normal, but we’re doing reasonable and responsible planning as we always do, inside of game operations,” he told The Associated Press.

“Based off of what we are learning from the medical community and how people are handling this domestically and abroad, we are being deliberate with reasonable and responsible planning about what can work in our environment and what we can incorporate to protect the health and safety of all involved.”

On the topic of playing in empty stadiums, keeping players isolated together on neutral sites and removing bye weeks from the season, he added: “We have to look at it in the current environment based off what we’re learning through the science and through the medical community.”

The NFL has been in the headlines in recent weeks following the 2020 NFL Draft, which took place via a series of Zoom calls. Quarterback Joe Burrow was the first overall pick after being selected by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Should the league decide to change the schedule they must do so with the approval of the players’ union, with the two parties recently agreeing a new labor agreement in March that will carry over for the next decade.

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