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John Manders


John Manders and his partner Jackie produce and present the Country Music show on HCR104fm, every Wednesday evening between 8 and 10pm. John is from “God’s county of Lincolnshire”, born on the 13th July 1943, has one sister Sylvia and one brother Jeff. His father was a farm manager, so they had plenty of fresh air and good food.

John is 69 years old this year, and lives in Ramsey Forty Foot, Cambridgeshire, at the moment, having lived there since 2007, although Jackie and John may be cutting loose and taking part-early retirement and moving onto a wide beam barge in the next year, (but not giving up working completely, as he would get bored).

Jackie and John have been together for 7 years, prior to this he was married to Rosemary, who sadly is not with us anymore. He has two children, a son Kevin aged 43 who lives and works in Vienna, Austria and a daughter, Stacey who is married to Sean and lives in Mildenhall. They have 2 children, Kaylee and Jack. John enjoys being a grandfather.

John currently owns a very competitive private hire company, travelling the length and breadth of the UK.

Those of you that listen to his country show will have heard the sponsorship commercial.

Before starting his private hire company, John was a truck driver for 42 years, and at the same time, reached the dizzy heights of Inspector with the Cambridgeshire special constabulary based at St Ives police station.

John enjoys being in the lime light and takes part in amateur dramatics with St Ives Centre players and SIMADS, appearing in the pantomime every January. He has a fun-type nature, always looking for a laugh and trying to cheer people up, sings karaoke and have standing ovations when singing country music on his holidays, (at least the audience stand, I don’t think they are trying to get away!). His love is country music and has even released a double CD album covering some of the classic, favourite country tracks. His other love is fresh water fishing.

What would be a perfect day?
To wake up in the morning, without a worry or a care in the world.

What would be a nightmare?
Waking up and finding I was now incapacitated and unable to enjoy life to the full.

What 3 words best sum you up?

What makes you laugh?
Everything and anything, in the right context makes me laugh.

What’s in your CD player at home?
Country! especially my double CD.

What would you change about yourself?
My hands are like shovels, makes life difficult sometimes.

Your biggest fear is?
Climbing ladders, heights, but not flying in planes.

What do you love about the area?
Everything, the scenery and generally the people are very nice.