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Mark Box

Mark has now retired having been an electrician since 1973.
Did you grow up locally?
My father was in the RAF. I was born at RAF Binbrook in Lincolnshire. As a family we arrived at RAF Wyton in 1958, I was schooled locally attending Houghton infant’s school and Huntingdon County Juniors before going on to St Peters Secondary Modern. I left in 1969, my apprenticeship saw me at Huntingdon Technical College for a further 5 years.
I met my future wife at Huntingdon youth centre,, I got married here so I guess I love the town
What are your favourite hobbies?
MUSIC!!! It has always been music. I had my own soul disco at the age of 16 (1970).
Joining HCR104fm in August 2009 has put a major tick on my bucket list of things to do and corny as it sounds it is really is an honour to be a part of it.
As one of my fellow presenters succinctly puts it, “It is one hell of a train set”.
Favourite places?
Firstly to be at home with my family around me, secondly to be somewhere sunny with my lovely wife,
Favourite foods?
A hot north Indian garlic and chilli curry with onion fried rice and a peshwari naan all made and delivered by the Darjeeling in town
What would be your idea of a perfect day?
Already had the most perfect day, it was the day I married my Janny in June 1974
What would be a nightmare day?
Gardening it is just not for me but thanks to my wife Jan we do have a lovely garden
What 3 words best sum you up?
I asked my friends to answer this one and they said, Funny, Loveable, Honourable
What makes you laugh?
Satirical humour, daft rules and people who believe they are more superior and only there to exclude others …
What is in your download library at the moment
16,481 tracks across all genres
What would you change about yourself if you could?
Many attempt to change themselves and very few succeed, I am happy very happy to be me
What is your biggest fear? 
Dentists, I apologise to all dentists out there but why does it always have to hurt?
What advice would you give to anyone?
In life always have quality and set yourself the best of standards because your life is not a dustbin, please don’t fill it with rubbish.

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