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Mike Haines

Mike joined HCR104fm in 2019.

I run a share trading business in Cambs and London and have done so for over 25 years. This work often takes me to the States which has become my second home particularly the west coast. I used to own a property business but sold it and now just dabble in the odd deal here and there. At the moment I am renovating an old bakehouse.

I am currently writing a book on how to make money trading shares and another about a boy growing up in the 1960’s and the 1970’s in London.

I used to be a half decent swimmer and was on the Olympic GB squad back in the day but preferred staying out till 4am rather than getting up at 4am to train.

In 2006 I started a swimming club for disabled children which has so far produced one Paralympic gold medalist, one world champion and over one hundred National swimmers all from shy children with disabilities and apart from HCR is my passion in life.

My ideal day is a day spent in the best capital in the world London. Start with a bite to eat at Selfridges, have a mooch along Bond St into Fortnum and Masons for Lunch and a bit of food shopping before heading across to the South Bank via Covent Garden for a snack and a bit more food shopping at Borough market and finally jumping on the train at London Bridge which goes direct to Huntingdon. Magic!!

My favourite food is anything and everything as my ever increasing girth will testify to.

My hobby is looking at classic cars.

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