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Ray Godby


Ray has been with HCR104fm joining from Hospital Radio from day one. Starting off working in the background and working his way up through production and onto presenting on the Over to You weekday show and End the Week with other presenters.  Joined the management team very quickly and on from that soon becoming a Director. When HCR104fm won the full time licence taking on the Director of Operations overseeing the build of the new studios.

Ray, since we went on air, works full time on the station presenting the Breakfast show and sitting in on other shows as well as show programmer. He also runs training workshops along with the in-house training for Presenters and Producers. He also organises outside broadcasts such as Christmas Lights and various Fetes and Events

You can follow Ray on Twitter or find him on Facebook.

What are your favourite Hobbies?
Working for HCR104fm.  Amateur Dramatics.

Favourite Place?
Huntingdon. Lived here all his life.

What 3 words best sum you up?
Fun, Fun, Fun.  (That’s what he thinks).

Favourite Food?
Fish and Chips.  Curry.  (Not too hot).

What do you have in your CD player?
Madonna  (But likes a varied type of music)

What would you do if you didn’t work for HCR104fm?
Work behind the scenes in theatre (not hospital)

What would you change about yourself if you could?
Wish he could be about six stone in weight.

What is your biggest fear?

Did you grow up locally?
Born and Bred in Huntingdonshire.

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