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Children’s Corner w/c 2nd October 2023

Monday:                                                    ‘Joey the Jarabora Gets Stuck.’  written & narrated by Alice Goulding

Tuesday:                                                    ‘Mus-cat-eers’    written by Graham Emmett & narrated by Uncle Roger

Wednesday:                                               ‘LBD and the Storm’ written & narrated by Lyn Perryment 

Thursday:                                                  ‘The McMinis’ Chocolate House ‘ written & narrated by Crazy Grandma

Friday:                                                       ‘The Jungle Mirrorsr’  written by Becca Cooke & narrated by SRS

Sunday @ 2.45pm:                                   ‘Playing Dress Up’ written & narrated by Vickie Jane Clark

Children's Corner
Children's Corner
Children's Corner w/c 2nd October 2023