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    2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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  Lay Me Down by Sam Smith Featuring John Legend

Drama w/c 27th December 2021

Children’s Stories Mon – Fri 6.50pm:

Monday:                                                  ‘Scrooge’ written & narrated by Alice Goulding
Tuesday:                                                 ‘Muscateers go to Print’ written by Graham Emmett & narrated by Uncle Roger
Wednesday:                                           ‘Jaffa’s Goodbye to Mum & Dad’ written by Jacqui Richmond & narrated by Sue Rodwell Smith
Thursday:                                               ‘Johnny Goes to the Shops’ written by Jon Mountford & narrated by Julie Stark & Sue Rodwell Smith
Friday:                                                    ‘Where are you going Milo & Macey’ written by Becca Cooke & narrated by Sue Rodwell Smith
Saturday @ 7.50am:                              ‘Jack’s Adventures to the Moon’ written by Rosemary Emmett & narrated by Roger Emms
Sunday @ 2.45pm:                                 ‘Clever Mum’  written & narrated by Jumping Jules
Poetry Corner Mon-Fri 2.45pm:
Monday:                                                  ‘The Model’ written & narrated by Isabel Cooke
Tuesday:                                                 ‘New Life has just Begun & I’ll just keep quite’ written & narrated by Colin Reeves
Wednesday:                                            ‘Wilting Flower’ written & narrated by Julie Stevens
Thursday:                                                ‘The Sayer’s Return’ written & narrated by Jean Fairbairn
Friday:                                                     ‘What does he want with a man’ written & narrated by Tina Yates
Short Story Mon,Wed,Fri @ 3.25pm:
Monday:                                                 ‘My Dilemma’ written by Eileen de Costa & narrated by Sue Rodwell Smith
Wednesday:                                           ‘Water’s Gift’ written & narrated by Evie Coppard
Friday:                                                    ‘The Clock Winder’s Daughter’ written by Alice Goulding & narrated by Sue Rodwell Smith
Story at Midnight 11.45pm Sats:         ‘A New Year’s Resolution’ written & narrated by Joan Tucker
Writers Corner
Writers Corner
Drama w/c 27th December 2021