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Jamie Stocker speaks to Smoove from Smoove and Turrell

On Monday night Jamie Stocker spoke once again to Smoove one of the founding members of North Eastern group Smoove and Turrell. The group have around over a decade and are well known for their upbeat funk and soul tracks.

Jamie spoke to Smoove last year to discuss the group’s history, this time spoke to him about their latest album release “Stratos Bleu” which is due to be released on June 5th on Jalapeno Records. The first singles “Do It” & “It Ain’t Working” have received great praise from many national radio stations and third “This Time” was written before lockdown but Smoove says the lyrics fit perfectly to this time and has a treat for the video once it launches in a few weeks time.

Smoove also discussed what else they have been doing during lockdown amongst other topics.

Listen to the interview here.

You can find Jamie on the Soul and Motown show every Monday night between 8 – 10pm.

Jamie Stocker speaks to Smoove from Smoove and Turrell
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