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S6 – Eps 25&26

  • Raymond’s making dinner for Charlotte and Sam. He regales them with tales of the mystery man whom Sharon and Alyson fancy and were discussing in the salon
  • Says PC Evans was seen getting into his car but thinks she wouldn’t cheat on Duncan
  • Heather asks Carmella and Vicky to come to the Community Broadcasting Award ceremony in London. They were nominated in the Arts and Creative category…
  • Carmella says she’ll go but Vicky declines – she’s still lying low after leaving Pete
  • Harry’s van is in for some more work – he drives it hard on his delivery rounds
  • Dan gets in the back and finds a pair of skimpy knickers, half-hidden under a box
  • Tommy shows the artwork for the album to his Dad and Trevor. They love it…
  • The new look suits you says Duncan. Your manager’s right. Better than the punk look
  • PC Evans visits Charlotte to see how she’s doing. They discuss her recovery
  • Sarah tells her about the cycling club’s jackets with #teamcharlotte. She’s aware of the hashtag – Jordan picked up on it when monitoring social media and briefed her
  • Bianca is showing Judy the social media accounts she has created for the shop
  • Judy seems distracted so she asks her what’s wrong. Judy says she won’t understand
S6 - Eps 25&26