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Season 38 – Eps 37&38

  • The pair are having a takeaway. Neil is looking forward to their holiday in Las Vegas
  • Alyson’s nervous about the flight but he reassures her. It’ll be worth it to see Vegas
  • The colleagues discuss the gossip. Laura has heard rumours about Chantelle/Adam
  • People are saying they’re more than just good friends. Nonsense, says Chantelle
  • Bob tells Doreen that he’ll do the TV series with her. Judy persuaded him to do it
  • Doreen’s delighted. Bob asks Dan if he’ll take over the garage accounting to help out
  • Jordan is still feeling miserable in late pregnancy, but Ryan has a surprise for her
  • He has arranged pregnancy massages and a course of acupuncture at a salon
  • Matt has introduced Tom and Sam to Ari and left them to get to know each other
  • Ari is super-cool. Sam asks her who her influencers are. Tina Weymouth, she says
  • Carmella confronts Harry with the photo of him hugging Laura outside the school
  • It’s a friendly hug, he says. Laura had just been bullied. She needed support – end of
Season 38 - Eps 37&38