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  What's Your Pleasure? by Jessie Ware

Season 4 – Eps 23&24

  • Charlotte tells Raymond that Heather will have to go, but Raymond disagrees and says she needs more time, because she is vulnerable and needs the stability (he’s pulled apart by a conflict of interests).
  • Robbie tells Duncan how much he loved  Trevor’s comedy gig.  Jordan agrees –she really loved the  Panda joke…which bought the house down!
  • Mario announces that he has sacked Dicko who took it badly.
  • Charlotte suggests to Heather that she either move on from Penistone or go home.
  • Heather is distraught—doesn’t Charlotte realise she can never go home?
  • Finally explains full extent of Nick’s emotional abuse.
  • Charlotte is less than understanding—says Heather just has to be firm with him.
  • Laura asks Bob if he can find a job for her husband (Dan) in the garage
  • Raymond asks Nick if he has finally caught up with the Chief Constable

Season 4 – Eps 23&24

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