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Season 4 – Eps 31&32

Fiona confirms to Alyson and Laura that they can take over responsibility for ordering stock.  They are delighted – and are enthusiastic about their ideas for the new lines.   Chantelle asks Adam if he knows a good lawyer – he asks what for.  Chantelle explains about record company asking to sample Dave’s song.  Bob opens up and is furious as burglar alarm isn’t on – blames Robbie.  Robbie says that Dan was the last to leave and he showed him how to set alarm.

Chantelle asks whether recent drink with Judy has changed Fiona’s mind about her.  No says Fiona, I’m not as easily taken in as you.  Sam & Mario say they are planning to go to the Algarve, lovely says Fiona. Agree dates in Summer, lots of clients are away at that time, so less disruptive.  Mario doles out beers to celebrate the best rehearsal they’ve had for ages.  Tommy’s drumming is so much better than Dicko’s says Sam.

Season 4 – Eps 31&32

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