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Season 4 – Eps 33&34

Episode 33 – Judy asks Trevor who that man is over there. Bob, says Trevor – runs local garage.  He’s a self-made man, jokes Trevor, and he’s currently unattached. What makes you think I’m interested? I saw how you looked at hm, teases Trevor.  Trevor says he will introduce the two of them when Bob next comes to the bar. Fiona didn’t want to say in front of Judy, but she hasn’t given up on having a baby.  She’s going to do it the fun way this time – via online dating with men – and womeIsn’t it a bit soon, says Chantelle – and unfair on the men, if she deceives them?

Episode 34 – Judy drops in to the salon and offers Fiona some cut-price hair products. Fiona refers her to Alyson and Laura but both are busy with clients at the moment. Jordan tells him not to be so obvious – she’s not ready to go public just yet.  They’ll have to know sometime, says Ryan. When we’re both ready, says Jordan.  Chantelle has engaged a lawyer and signed an agreement with record company. I’ll let you know when the millions come rolling in, she jokes. Yeah – and maybe our band can support them on tour, Mario jokes back. Dream on.

Season 4 – Eps 33&34

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