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  On A Night Like This by Kylie Minogue

Season 4 – Eps 35&36

Sam and Mario great to have finally booked theirholiday and have something to look forward to.  They need to share dates with Ryan and Tommy, so we can plan rehearsals for gig.  Trevor says he heard that the band is going to be returning – why didn’t Duncan say?  Fiona warns them that Judy wants to sell them some cut price products – be carefu.  I thought you trusted us, says Laura. I do – but I don’t trust Judy – just a feeling.

Bob and Robbie, what are they going to do about Dan, he has messed up a couple of times?  Going to send him on a day release course for mechanics at Huntsford college  Judy takes car in—thinks tracking is off. Wanted to bring it to best place.  Huntsford Hospital cafe – Adam and Heather.  Adam is visiting someone else but runs into Heather in café; she panics.


Season 4 – Eps 35&36

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