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  Happiness by McFly

Season 4 – Eps 45&46

  • Fiona tells Chantelle about the fiasco regarding Judy’s hair care products.
  • Surely this proves to Chantelle that Judy is not to be trusted?
  • Mario and Sam are having a wonderful, loved up holiday in the sunshine…
  • Getting just the mix of beach, culture, great restaurants etc. that they both wanted…
  • The two friends are enjoying a quiet drink together – no Judy, which pleases Fiona
  • Fiona tells Chantelle about her second date – with a woman, who was lovely…
  • PC Evans tells Raymond and Charlotte that Heather has been found safe and well
  • She said to tell them that she is house sitting for a friend of Adam’s in Stamford
  • Jordan tells Tommy she hears band rehearsals are going well
  • Tommy says yes- band are really pleased and we’ll blow them away at our gig
  • Charlotte comes out of a shop and sees Doreen flirt with Raymond, then walk away
  • Charlotte storms up to Raymond- what’s going on with you and that woman?

Season 4 – Eps 45&46

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