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  Chuck E Is In Love by Rickie Lee Jones

Season 4 – Eps 47&48

    • Bob and Judy talk about what a great time they had at the classic car rally
    • They saw some smart motors, ran into an old friend of Bob’s and had a beer
    • Sam and Mario’s plane took off but had a severe technical malfunction so had to return to base…it lost height very quickly and the landing was traumatic
    • Fiona has been on a date with a man who was absolutely amazing
    • He’s good looking, intelligent, successful – perfect ‘baby daddy’ material
    • Ryan tells his Mum he’s moving out – it’s time he became more independent
    • Alyson reminds him of the practicalities – extra expense, no one to do his washing
    • Raymond encounters Nick in the bar – gets flustered and behaves awkwardly
    • Unexpectedly, Nick thanks him for arranging the meeting with Heather

Season 4 – Eps 47&48

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