• The 80s Decade in the Middle with Pete Sibthorpe
    2:00 am - 4:00 am

Season 4 – Eps 51&52

  • Alyson and Laura analyse recent product sales figures which are surprisingly good.
  • Alyson explains that customers were impressed with their proactive refund policy.
  • Charlotte and Sam have lunch with Rachel and the children, who have come up from London to stay for a night at Penistone (it’s the first time they’ve met in person).
  • Rachel asks Sam if she can mind the kids for an hour, or two , as she would like to take a quick tour of Charlotte’s constituency office.
  • Sam brings Rachel’s children back to her flat to show Mario.
  • Olivia is boisterous and tries to play with Mario’s most expensive guitar, which is propped up in its stand.
  • Bob tells Robbie that Nick is leaving – heard Raymond telling Duncan in the Red Lion.
  • Robbie asks why and Bob explains about Nick’s supposedly fantastic new job.
  • PC Evans asks Carmella if she can put up a poster for Huntsford Cycling Club.
  • Yes says Carmella. Is everyone welcome or do you just want good cyclists.
  • Judy is bragging about her ‘dates’ with Bob and how well they’re getting on.
  • Fiona can’t resist mentioning her gorgeous online date – shows his profile picture.
Huntingdon Community Radio
Huntingdon Community Radio
Season 4 - Eps 51&52