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  Chuck E Is In Love by Rickie Lee Jones

Season 4 – Eps 55&56

  • Ryan moves in. Jordan helps him with his stuff and they bicker a bit…
  • Mario welcomes Ryan warmly – Sam is less enthusiastic, but polite
  • Bob has found an old e-Type – just a shell really – it’ll need a lot of work
  • It was a bargain; he had to move quickly so he went ahead and bought it…
  • Chantelle confides that her lawyer has said the royalties could be substantial…
  • Both the TV show and the song are hits – the money could change her life…
  • Jordan comes round for the promised ‘dinner for four’ and is greeted by Sam brandishing a bottle of Prosecco
  • There is apparently a cooking crisis and M&R have banished her from the kitchen
  • Alastair comes into the bar and introduces himself to Duncan…
  • He’s just moved to Huntsford from Birmingham and is looking froward to getting to know the town and making new friends. Pub is a good place to start…

Season 4 – Eps 55&56

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