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  Happiness by McFly

Season 4 – Eps 63&64

  • Raymond asks Charlotte to join him for drinks at the Golf Club on Friday night…
  • Charlotte refuses as she has already arranged to meet Rachel for drinks in London…
  • Trevor says that he’s heard Doreen’s a great singer – will she do a tryout for him?
  • Doreen’s reluctant as she’s wary of being typecast or ridiculed by the punters…
  • The girls moan about not being nominated for the hairdressing competition
  • I’m doing an online business management course, says Jordan. If all goes well I’ll be leaving Wavelengths behind – and maybe even hairdressing altogether…
  • Sam and Jordan are burning scented candles and their toenail varnish is drying…
  • Raymond hangs up the phone. Was talking to PC Evans about joining the cycling club as he wants to shape up for the hairdressing competition event and Sam’s wedding
  • Sam says she’s disappointed not to have been chosen to represent Wavelengths…
  • Rachel and Raymond watch Charlotte playing with the grandchildren – lovely.
  • Rachel says she’s sorry for taking up so much of Charlotte’s time recently.

Season 4 – Eps 63&64

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