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  Vienna by Ultravox

Season 5 – Eps 101&102

  • The band are doing the sound check and preparing for their gig. Bianca’s watching
  • She tells Sam how great she sounds and how she loves her outfit. Bit of a girl crush..
  • The couple have been food shopping for Christmas dinner and are stressed out…
  • Check through the list and find out they have forgotten some stuff. Sam gets upset
  • Raymond pours Charlotte a drink and apologises for not being there for her
  • He’ll still spend time with Fiona, but from now on she’ll be his top priority.
  • Sam confides in her Mum. She wanted to be grown up, by hosting Christmas dinner, but she has concluded she can’t cope with the large group. Their house is too small.
  • Just bring the food over here, says Charlotte. We’ll cook it together – it’ll be fun…
  • Judy is cooking dinner using products from Circle of Life – plus meat for Bob
  • Reports that the shop is doing well in the run-up to Christmas. She was worried that Charlotte’s lecture at the opening would have put people off, but it hasn’t.
  • It’s closing time and Laura and Alyson come to talk to Chantelle. They’re worried about her – she has been looking miserable all day.
  • Chantelle confesses that Alastair accused her of being a gold digger and they argued.