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Season 5 – Eps 103&104

  • Vicky asks Carmella about Christmas at Penistone. It was wonderful, says Carmella.
  • Charlotte was a perfect hostess, and Harry bought me this gorgeous pendant…
  • The band have finished their pub gig. Bianca is chatting to Sam when Sharon walks in
  • Mum’s a bit tipsy and Bianca’s mortified. What are you doing here? It is a public house, Sharon protests – and I’m allowed to have some fun, as well as you…
  • The pub has shut, and Duncan and PC Evans are chatting. Agree they’re very happy.
  • Duncan would like to take things a step further by moving in together.
  • Chantelle begs Alastair to understand – she’s not a gold digger. Tries to make up.
  • Alastair’s not having it – all she wants is to get her hands on Fonab and his money
  • Sam’s telling Sharon what a great Christmas she had. She enjoyed Bianca’s company.
  • Laura answers the phone. It’s Raymond; he sounds very upset. Wants to talk to Sam
  • Raymond waits at Charlotte’s bedside for Sam to arrives. He weeps uncontrollably.
  • Tells Charlotte how much he loves her. He always knew she was too good for him – couldn’t believe it when she agreed to date him. He hasn’t appreciated her enough…
Season 5 - Eps 103&104