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Season 5 – Eps 71&72

  • Alastair says how depressing it is to be back in Huntsford after their great holiday
  • Chantelle remarks that she’s glad to be home. Alastair asks her why she’s in such a bad mood. He thought she enjoyed the holiday…
  • Trevor’s online date was a disaster. The guy was nothing like his online profile…
  • Doreen reassures him. You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince!
  • OMG, says Adam. Did you hear that? Jordan just dropped the F-Bomb on air
  • She played the wrong version of ‘Plastic’ by Lily Allen. Not the radio edit.
  • Judy shows Bob the guest list and invitation. She has invited most of Huntsford…
  • What’s this bit about ‘bring a change of clothes – we’ve got a surprise for you’?
  • Chantelle thanks Laura for looking after her clients. Gives her a bottle of rum…
  • She’s had some great feedback on Laura – Charlotte was very complimentary…
  • Matt confirms that he’s interested in signing the band and has drawn up a contract
  • He says they’ve got some great assets – especially Sam’s looks and vocals
Season 5 - Eps 71&72