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  The Joker And The Queen (feat. Taylor Swift) by Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift

Season 5 – Eps 73&74

  • Adam and Heather have invited Chantelle for a drink in order to ask her something…
  • They have a slot free on Radio Huntsford – will she do a programme on beauty?
  • Trevor arranges a gig for him and Doreen. Tommy and Ryan will be behind the bar on that night, says Duncan. What about you, asks Trevor.
  • Duncan coyly admits he’s got a date with PC Evans. He’s cooking dinner for her…
  • Chantelle has been approached by the band who sampled one of Dave’s songs before. They want to purchase the rights to five of his other songs. Big money.
  • Adam suggests she put the money in a new, separate bank account, to be safe…
  • Carmella is just closing up when Harry appears. Not making a delivery…
  • He just happened to be in Huntsford and wondered if she fancied an early drink?
  • Rachel has checked recording contract and it looks fine. Mario wants to go with it.
  • Great, says Ryan. I’m not so sure, says Sam. I’ve got a bad feeling about the guy…
Season 5 - Eps 73&74