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  A New Day Has Come by Celine Dion

Season 5 & Eps 89&90

  • Judy is buying a range of Fairtrade shampoo bars for her shop, Circle of Life…
  • She can offer them to Wavelengths at a special discount price – it’s a bargain!
  • Bob turns up out of the blue. I know about Robbie. Can we talk?
  • Tells her how Robbie got drunk and confessed about their ‘arrangement’
  • Alyson’s about to shut the salon when a stranger walks in. We’re just closing, says Alyson, but we can make you an appointment…
  • I’m here to see my mum. Sharon Tubbs? Alyson calls Sharon from staff room…
  • Alyson and Chantelle coo over the baby. Has Fiona decided on a name? Jasper…
  • She tells them about all the things Raymond has been doing – taking the baby to the park, doing the shopping, playing with him while she takes a bath etc.
  • The pair listen to their recordings. They’re pleased with them, but they took ages!
  • Mario recounts his conversation with Matt, who said they should quit their day jobs.
  • Carmella and Harry are having a drink. Harry asks her why she has been frosty…
  • Carmella ducks and weaves a bit, but eventually confesses that she has been hurt before and doesn’t want to go through all that again…
Season 5 & Eps 89&90